About the Movie

Beginning in the fall of 2004, this video project was birthed in prayer with a clear mandate, by all involved, that it would be totally confidential, nobody would receive any credit for it, and that it would be given away for free.

In May 2005, three of the four people principally involved traveled to Algeria and Tunisia. We purchased a movie camera that was as close to a professional camera as possible, without looking like a professional camera, and carried that with us. In Algiers we secretly met with nine Algerian nationals, at a semi-abandoned former Catholic convent, and filmed nine testimonies. We then traveled to Tunis and filmed nine more testimonies of Tunisian nationals. These eighteen people represented a cross-section of their respective societies, young and old, men and women, professionals and laborers. Their testimonies were extremely powerful and brought us to tears as we filmed them. When given the option, all of them asked that their faces not be hidden or disguised when we produced the film. Many of them traveled hundreds of miles and spent days traveling by foot, bicycle, bus, and train in order to meet with us in Algiers and Tunis. They are truly a book of Acts church. When a convert in these countries receives Jesus and is baptized, one of the questions they are asked is, "Are you willing to die for Jesus Christ?"

In 2006, one of our group, traveled to Malta to film an Arab national with a powerful testimony. This was the nineteenth and final testimony we filmed. It was necessary to keep his identity secret. We selected five of the nineteen testimonies to create this film. Production of the "The Sun Rises" was completed in 2007 and it has been distributed throughout the Arab world by indigenous Arab evangelical churches, satellite broadcasting from Cyprus to Southern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, and worldwide through the internet.

Our prayer is that individual believers and established Christian ministries throughout the world, with a heart for the lost in Islam, will use this film to reach the lost and inform the Church. We are also praying that the film will be translated into other languages and that it will be shared globally by those with the financial resources to underwrite this effort. Please contact us if God is leading you or your ministry to be involved.